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Monday, July 11, 2016

Farewell to 22 outstanding missionaries!

What a weekend we have had!  President Clayton began interviewing eight missionaries on Friday, eight on Saturday.  Then, we met together at 4:00 Saturday afternoon to attend the Temple together.  President finished up his last five interviews on Sunday afternoon.

Elder Morris had to leave a day early.  President interviewed him on Thursday, after Mission Council.

Here are some of the highlights of our weekend.

President and I with Elder Morris.

Our two assistants Elder Kotter and Elder Manriquez.

Elder Manriquez has been training with Elder Kotter
and Elder Teichert this week.  Boy, are we going to 
miss Elder Teichert!

With President Clayton

President and I with our returning missionaries
and assistants before our Temple session.

Sunday afternoon as we waited for interviews with 
President Clayton to be finished.

Elder Sherwood just finishing his interview.

Elder Teichert and Elder Manriquez.

Elder Kotter, always pops into the kitchen
to ask what he can do to help.

                         I am so grateful for Sister Hernandez

I snapped a quick picture of President in his office
 interviewing Elder Teichert, his last interview.

This group was so funny and played this game
over and over.  

Again, I don't know  why the second blurry picture
is showing under the video clip.  sorry.

After our testimony meeting, President handed
out the certificates.

This, is a big deal.  These missionaries have completed 
faithfully and honorably their mission!

We love our missionaries!!

This picture is for Elder Sherwood.

The fun and excitement afterwards.

Me with the sisters.

Our first group at the airport. We were up by 3:30am to get to the 
airport on time.  These are our Latin and Guatemala, and Peru
missionaries returning home.

Sister Rodriguez was our first to leave.

Saying the difficult goodbye.

We waited an hour and a half for our new missionaries to arrive from Mexico City.
(See the next post)
Later in the afternoon, we came back to the airport at 2:30 pm with our American missionaries
to see them off.

President helping with bag check in.

What a group!! 

This was a difficult goodbye today.
We will miss them terribly!
All the best!!!!!