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Sunday, July 24, 2016

New Zone Leader Training

Last week, our assistants brought all of the zone leaders to the mission office for an all day, overnight training.

Elder Kotter and Elder Manriquez wrote about their training.

The purpose of our training was to unite all the zone leaders together in brotherly love, to train them in their duties, and to establish a plan to carry out the vision that President Clayton has set forth. So we started off the meeting Tuesday night with a little family home evening. We had a spiritual thought, and we opened up a discussion between everyone on how we can get to “New Heights” as leaders. It was a very inspired meeting and what was felt by everyone was that, for the mission to get to new heights, we as leaders would have to, first. We each felt that the most effective way to do that was to be better followers of President Clayton ourselves, and to be more worthy in our callings, and more like unto the Savior. We compared this effort to “spiritual muscles.” Just like our body has its respected muscles that must be able to perform their functions as a whole, and they must be strengthened to magnify their purposes, our spirit is like unto a muscle as well. Our individual Christ like attributes are the muscles that we must exercise to be strengthened. Like the head of knowledge, the twin arms of faith and humility, the legs of diligence and determination, the core of desire, and the heart of love. We finished the night each pondering, and with Fanta ice cream floats.

Wednesday, with President Clayton’s approval, we started the day early with the 1st ever trimestral world cup of soccer for the Mission Mexico Guadalajara. We had four rotating teams: the north (Vallarta, Santiago, Tepic); the south (Colima, Manzanillo, Guzman); the city (Independencia, Lomas, Union); and the offices (us, and the 4 secretaries). It was a blast and we all finished very excited.

We then started talking about the “To New Heights” paper, that we had given to you and President a few weeks ago, and that we had given to the zone leaders as homework for this meeting. We talked about those focuses of Worthiness, Work, and Doctrine, and the goals that President had laid out for us about responsibility, efficiency, and training of missionaries. With those thoughts we read through the new zone leader manual with them answering any and all questions that they had about their duties. We also talked of their importance as zone leaders in the creation of this new vision for the mission.

After finishing the manual we started another council based on what plan we could make as leaders to carry out more specifically what President had taught us. The leaders put goals for themselves as zone leaders regarding the 3 focusses (responsibility, efficiency, and training of missionaries) to bring to pass the correct way of reporting daily, weekly, and monthly, to actualize the area books, member lists in their areas, and to have a district leader training in their own zones; not to the same scale that we did it, but with the same focus.
They set forth the plan to achieve all that before the next meeting that we would have in 3 months before the next zone conference.

Many of the zone leaders commented that they loved the meeting and that it was a great motivation for them to take their zones to New Heights of teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts.