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Saturday, July 9, 2016

July Mission Council

Great Day!
Thursday we held our mission council with 43 of our mission leaders.  We know this weekend is transfer weekend, followed by welcoming in 14 new missionaries on Monday, but we decided to have our 12 newly called zone leaders join us for this important mission council on Thursday, sitting side by side with our seasoned mission leaders who have so much insight to offer and a wealth of experience to draw from. It was a good start for these newly called leaders.

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President's welcome and introduction. 
Vision of the Mission
Goals, Faith, Teaching the Doctrine of Christ
Teaching Repentance, Baptizing Converts

We are seeing miracles!

*We must continually teach and preach repentance and baptism.
*It is the center of our message,
*It is the center of our mission.
* Baptism is a sign to God that
we are accepting Him, 
*We teach repentance and baptism to fulfill the
Doctrine of Christ.
*If the people reject your message, they are rejecting God.

I led a discussion about our daily personal scripture studies. 
Our early morning studies give us our SOS!
Our Source of Strength!
*Our personal, private scripture study is our lifeline
 to know what our  Father in Heaven would
 have us know for that day.

*What is our goal in our personal studies?
*How is full time mission personal scripture study
 different than other times in our life, as we set 
time apart to study the gospel??

*Everything we do here on the mission is different, 
because we are on God's errand. 
*We are the Savior's emissaries, His ambassadors.
*We represent Him, we have made covenants to be all
we can be for this measure of time, full time.
*We have pledged to put ourselves aside and to think
of Him, to think of others. 
*Our studies help us do just that!

Arise O Sons (and daughters) of God!
Who does not want us to get out of bed?? Why??
*Disciplining ourselves

Our early morning studies -
*sets our course for our day
*they can ready us
*they can guide us
* they can inspire us
*they can teach us what we must know - today

***The Book of Mormon does not have all the answers 
to all of our problems.
***The Book of Mormon leads us to God, who has all the answers
to all of our problems.
***You can't teach that which you do not know. Joe J. Christensen

Our assistants taught: WHY we report.  All missionaries must understand why we report
First -
*Why are we teaching repentance and baptizing converts?
*We must understand why our Savior came to earth, and Why He was born?
*Our Savior was born - to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.
*What was His desire and motivation? - Our Saviors desire was to be completely obedient to His          Father, to glorify Him, to honor Him.
*How difficult was his mission?  Incalculable.

Our assistants had Elder Price come up front and hold a missionary plank position for as long as he could -
The first time, he held the plank position without a reason, or a purpose, without a why placed on his back or in his mind.
The assistants asked him to hold a missionary plank again, this second time with a purpose in mind - his missionary vision, and his specific stewardship as a new zone leader placed squarely on his back.
The second time he held his missionary plank position 30 seconds longer, being strengthened with his purpose firmly in his mind.  The second time he also had the entire mission council cheering him on.

*Why are we here in this mission? (doctrinally)
*Why are you here in this mission? (personally)
*Understanding and feeling the weight of our calling.

What is the cost of discipleship?
Alma 33: 23 .. and even all this can you do if he will.

We achieve our vision by teaching repentance and baptizing converts to new heights.
We are called to represent Jesus Christ in helping others become clean from their sins PMG2
*To become clean from sin, we must come unto Christ.
*To come unto Christ, we must have faith in Him unto repentance.
*To help others develop such faith, we Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts.

Assistants -
            * Reporting on our stewardship.
*What is in our control?
     *What determines success?

I taught again about effective planning. 
How much time do we spend 'getting ready' to fish
for the souls of men?

A missionary's line should drop into the fishing
water the moment he or she leaves the apartment. PMG 

We took a closer and detailed look at our area books.
Leaving things better than we found them

The assistants very successful object lesson :)
How do we invite others to be baptized? 
How you present something... matters!

Elder Manriquez.. maybe we'll just set this a little closer over here...

Sister Rodriguez looking at that fist full of delicious chocolate cake.

Elder Sherwood paid no mind to the serving style.
note his homemade fork torn from his paper plate.
(we do things right over here in Guadalajara) 

Practicing the first fundamental.
Inviting people to be baptized with various responses.  Learning 
how to best respond in all situations.

President ended by highlighting once again three vital 
main points in this important work of Salvation.
We must work
                     We must know and teach the 
  Doctrine of Christ
 We must be worthy