The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Training our new missionaries!

We had a wonderful day today training our newest missionaries.  They are a fabulous, they are prepared, and they are ready to begin.

Here are some highlights of our day today.

We met early this morning at our mission home for a quick breakfast and then we started our training, while President Clayton interviewed each new missionary.
We talked about our daily schedule, missionary health, our missionary apartment, and for those who do not speak English, we set goals to learn English during their time on the mission.

(After awhile, we stepped outside to stretch and get some air, and to wake up a bit )  :)

We are impressed with this new group.
We are anxious to have them join us!

Today, we had some of the Elders ride with us back to the church.

Here we are, new missionaries, trainers, and our assistants.

The time has come to introduce our new missionaries
to their trainers!
Here they are. Called by the Lord to help 
guide and train our newest missionaries.  We have
great confidence and trust in them.

Such anticipation.  Please note, we are thrilled to welcome
Elder and Sister Ortega, in the front right, 
our new matrimony couple, who will be 
serving for their first transfer in Ameca.

trainer Elder Galindo with Elder Gutierrez

 trainer Elder Albrechtsen with Elder Diaz

Sister Vega with trainer Sister Ramirez

Elder and Sister Ortega

Sister Rodriguez and trainer Sister Marciano

Elder and Sister Loza who work with the self reliance center.

trainer Sister Madrid with Sister Lanuza

trainer Sister Calixto with Sister Ramos

Sister Hernandez with trainer Sister Cordova

trainer Elder Pacheco with Elder Ramirez

trainer Elder Coronado with Elder Flores

Sister Barnette with trainer Sister Lyman

Elder Schank with trainer Elder Hutchings

Elder Novak with trainer Elder Montan

Here we are on the steps of the Mexico Guadalajara Temple!

                                           We love them already!

...and they're off!