The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Manzanillo Branch Conference

We were so thankful to attend the Manzanillo Branch Conference last Sunday.

There was just a sweet feeling there. Very few members were there when we began. Just six people were sitting in the chapel.  But slowly people started coming in. President Rios and his wife came and then the Branch President came out from an early morning meeting.  He looks so young, bless his heart.  As we had driven up, I saw his darling wife and three children getting out of a taxi in front of the chapel, those sweet children impeccably dressed for church, those two little boys in white shirts and ties and their darling little girl in a pretty pink dress and pink back pack all packed and ready.

Both his counselors came separately in, late and hurried up to the stand after the meeting had started. President Garcia told us that many of his members are late or cannot come to church at times, because they are so dependent on the buses.  Sometimes the buses do not run at all on Sunday's, and often the buses do not run on time.  They get off schedule and off their routes, with no warning, so the members who are so dependent on them cannot get to church, even if they are dressed and ready and waiting, if the buses don't come, or are late, the members miss out.
Boy, what a reminder to count my many many blessings.

But President Rios told President and I that this Manzanillo Branch always has the highest attendance at the Temple each month.  They will rent a van of some sort and come together as a Branch.  They gather together and come to the Temple.  They bring their families to wait for them outside the Temple gates, and they come, and that makes me smile.  Good for them. But their Sacrament meeting attendance is low and quite variable because of their lack of dependable transportation.

Here is President Daniel Antonio Pedraza Garcia in the center, with his 1st Counselor Gustavo Jimenez Rodriguez on the left, and his 2nd Counselor Luis Gilberto Damian Robles on the right.

President Clayton with Manzanillo District President, President Rios 

The Manzanillo Branch Presidency with
 Manzanillo District President Rios and President Clayton

President and Sister Rios 

   I loved sitting by and visiting with Sister Rios.
   What a genuine and lovely woman she is.

I am trying to take a quick picture after each conference 
for our mission history

Our Sunday School class.  
We talked about the Lamanites burying
their weapons of war. 

A quick picture with our two dedicated Elders
 serving in both the Manzanillo and Las Brisas Branches 
Elder Guerreiro, and Elder Sanchez. 
Great Missionaries both of them!