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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Zone Conference #2

      We met with the Union Zone for our next
 Zone Conference.
*note, please see the previous post
Zone Conference #1 for
more specific details about our
focus and teachings together.

Ok, we were trying to figure out how to hold
our Books of Mormon.

We came up with this..

This was so funny. We had given the assignment for 
every missionary to eat breakfast before they came,
and to bring a bottle of water to drink during the day. 
We started each zone conference by seeing who had been
 obedient to our request, even though it was so simple.

 I began each of our zone conferences by
asking each missionary if they had eaten breakfast, 
and then if they said yes, I asked them what they had eaten.
(very enlightening), and if they
had remembered to bring a bottle of water.
If they did not eat breakfast, or remember to bring water,
I had the Elders come up and give me 10 push ups
and the Sisters give me 10 deep knee bends.
This zone had the most Elders not eat breakfast, or bring
a water bottle, and they were blown completely away, 
that I seriously had them come up and give me 10! 

poor Elder Vazquez :) couldn't quit laughing, 
and sweet Elder and Sister Ortega did some stretches.

 I did deep knee bends with Sister Marciano,
 just to keep her company.

Zone Leaders Elder Uribe and Elder Gamez did an 
outstanding job preparing for this conference.
This is our largest zone, and they had everything
ready to go and their presentation was excellent.

The zone leaders creative idea of
feeling the weight of our calling
as missionaries.
What will it take to go further?  
What motivates us to stay the course and 
remain focused, and on task?

They asked Elder Perez to hold his area book.
Then they added other area books
from his district and zone.

The second time, they added their zone banner to help
him focus on his purpose and responsibility as a missionary.

Presidents game

President had everyone go outside to play a game he calls 
azucar and aguacate (sugar and avocado), 
which is his remake of the old fashioned game, candy and caster oil.
These missionaries had a ball!  It was so fun 
 to watch them listen carefully to President as he called, 
either azucar or aguacate, and then run
this way or that way trying to tag someone to 
come join their side.  As we came back inside, 
 President related this experience, to our daily work
 and goals here in the mission.  

Look at the Sisters vs the Elders ready position. 

Once again, President taught,
As we focus on something good; 
when we work as a team, and as we stay motivated; 
there is simply not time for anything else.  We do not have
time for problems, or distractions, for immodest thoughts,
or for disobedience and selfishness.  This work requires all
of our righteous, focused efforts. 

Some pictures throughout our day together.

I loved that they gathered together to lead 
and sing this song.

Bless these sweethearts. I love them all so much!
 Elder and Sister Loza on the right, are
our autosuficiencia couple who came and shared
the day with our new matrimony couple
Elder and Sister Ortega, even though they are in the
Independencia zone.  They are practicing singing and
leading the hymn I am a Child of God.

The zone leaders object lesson

Elder Gamez did a great job with this object lesson
notice as he wipes his finders on Sister Rodriguez's plate,
adding to the effectively gross serving...

He looks pretty pleased with himself.

Practicing inviting others to be baptized.

Great day together!

Our 8th Zone Conference was with the Lomas Zone.
We Sisters snapped a quick picture together before we got started.

The Lomas Zone with outstanding
zone leaders  Elder Sosa and Elder Salinas.
What a great zone. 
Have you noticed
how many outstanding sisters 
are serving here in this zone? :)

Presidents opening remarks

I talked about what is at stake with
our early morning personal scripture study.
How is it our source of strength?
How does it set the tone for our day?
What kind of spiritual power can our early
 morning efforts give to us?

The assistants object lesson with Elder Ramirez holding
a missionary plank.  He held it for 3:17 the first time.

The second time, as he had their zone banner across is back,
he held his missionary plank for 4:05.  
As they talked to him afterwards, he said, he was
focusing on 'who was my God, and who it was
that gave me my strength'.

He was wiped out afterwards.

President's game
This was a fun group.  They really got into this game.

President Clayton
5 things I would like you to remember

1. In this mission, baptism is our goal and our purpose.
   Baptism is a part of conversion.  Numbers tell us where we are and where we are going.
   We are not looking for numbers, we are looking for souls.

2. Baptism is central to the Doctrine of Christ.
   We invite others to be baptized, we do not challenge them to be baptized.
   Baptism is a commandment, not a suggestion.

3. We are looking for people, for souls, not numbers.

4. Miracles come from our faith, faith does not come because of miracles
  We must have faith sufficient to find those seeking for truth.
  Begin each day with hope that you are going to find the individuals the Lord desires you to find

5. We must do this work with love, with expectations and with hope.  
This work of Salvation is a work of love and joy.

Introducing our 5 stations for our picnic lunch
Giving a quick reminder of how to iron 
a missionary white shirt.

Going through all the stations as they gathered
their picnic.

ironing and more ironing

reciting our new scripture to President

getting those buttons sewed on.

reciting more scriptures

more sewing and ironing

Looking over area books

Zone Leaders Elder Sosa and Elder Salinas looking over 
their notes before teaching.

Great day together!

Our 9th and final Zone Conference!
Independencia Zone 
with zone leaders Elder Sanchez and Elder Salgado
Who did a fabulous job preparing and having things
ready to go.

not. quite. ready.

Here we go.

President's introduction

The zone leaders asked Elder Angulo to do a 
missionary plank.  He is from the Dominican
Republic and did not know what is was, the 
group explained it to him, and he got right down
on the floor and held he plank for 5:19!

Elder Sanchez and Elder Salgado did a 
wonderful job teaching.

Cute sisters

Ready for President's game

station #1 
President demonstrating 
correct hand washing and singing
 I am a Child of God.

Just a few pictures of our day together.

sewing, ironing, tying those ties and reciting
our missionary scriptures.

I love it!

I just love it!

Elder Salgado showing off the beautiful cake
to the zone, and Elder Sanchez
 bowing in the background

The zone leaders ask what piece she would like..

She is horrified at how Elder Sanchez serves her.

She was just not prepared for how that 
cake was served to her!

They are trying to tell her it is not that bad, 
and perfectly fine to eat.
She would have none of it.

The zone leaders teach the proper way
 to serve the gospel message, and invite 
others to Come Unto Christ.

Great Zone Conferences!