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Friday, April 21, 2017

Follow Up Training 4-19-17

Another great day with our newest missionaries.  Today we followed up on how they are coming along.  It has been just over 5 weeks since they arrived.  It was good to check in with them and see how they are doing.  We were able to re emphasize our missionary purpose, set some new goals and recharged our missionary's batteries  They are headed back to their areas with renewed vision and a great sense of unity and purpose.

Our opening song -
Called To Serve
President introducing our new Assistant
Elder Torres
Thanking and recognizing Elder Uribe
who will be returning home this
next transfer.
President Clayton's welcome 
and mission focus overview 
as we Teach the Doctrine of Christ

What can we accomplish when
we work together, unified and with purpose?

Do we pull against each other?

Or do we pull together?

My discussion points -
* What have you learned about 
yourself in these first 5 weeks?
*Are you being teachable?
*What is your capacity? 
*This is your mission... and it
will be what you make of it.

President met with the new missionaries
and I met with the trainers.  We were each 
 able to ask specifically how things were going with
their training, language skills, and obedience levels.
We asked about support from home, their sleeping, 
eating, learning outlines and coping with 
the rigors of missionary life.
There is a lot for new missionareis to learn. 
The adjustment to missionary life is one of
 faith, obedience and discipline.
They all rise to the challenge.  We see it
over and over again.  It is one of the great
latter day miracles we see as these young,
valiant servants of the Lord humble themselves 
and seek to give themselves in ways they
never could have imagined. 
We love these missionaries.
We have great hope and faith that God will 
make them mighty tools in His hands. 
It is unfolding... all is well !
A little snack 

The assistants teaching-
The spirit is the teacher.
Seeking the spirit to accompany us 
in this sacred work.

:) lunch

Getting ready for the assistants game

President Clayton has taught,
“If we want new and better results, we have to do things differently.”
And that’s exactly what the assistants did!
They took the 7 Celestial Habits, and made a fun
and different game that helps us see just how important
these habits are in our teaching.

As we read in Preach My Gospel, our purpose
“is to open the doors to the celestial kingdom,”
as we teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
As we extend the baptismal invitation
we provide our investigators the opportunity
to act for themselves -choosing
to follow the Savior's example
and enter the waters of baptism
for themselves.

Here are our teams!
Team #1

Team #2

Team #3

Team #4

Our game uses
the representation of
the Temple as the ultimate symbol,
in this life, of the Lord’s kingdom.
Each team must:
exercise their knowledge in:
1. Teaching the lessons in order
2. Helping investigators receive revelation
(through Prayer, Reading the Book of Mormon, and Church Attendance)
3. Asking for references - always
4. Evaluating and setting goals to work more effectively.

The first part of the game consists of every team,
having to collect all the pieces they will need
to build their model of the temple
as they rotate through each station.
They practice using these celestial principles
with the investigator scenario at each station,
inviting them in various ways, to act for themselves
as they continue to learn about the gospel plan.
Each team has 2 tries to collect their pieces of the Temple they must build.

Thank you to our wonderful office Elders
for helping with each station

The second part - they must build the temple with the pieces they have collected.
This game helps us see how important these 7 celestial habits
really are in our efforts to fulfill our missionary purpose.
We learn that it takes a celestial way of living and working
to carry out this celestial work!
These 7 celestial habits that we have received
from the Lord through our Prophet and the Twelve Apostles,
truly are to help us fulfill our purpose.

Next our 7 Celestial Habits game
Think fast and name one of the 7 celestial habits
that haven't been said yet as the ball is tossed to you.

1.  Always give the baptismal challenge
2. Teach lessons in order
(3-5) Name three ways to receive revelation
3.  Through prayer
4.  Reading the Book of Mormon
5.  Attending church
6.  Ask for referrals
7.  Evaluate and set goals

The teams each play, eliminating those who
cannot quickly name one of the 7 celestial habits
we must know and use, when the ball is passed
to them, creating the final four.
Today they are passing around a rubik's cube instead of a ball...

Our four finalists 
Elder Ponce, Elder Sime, Elder Arguello,
and Elder Sevilla


two... and

Elder Sevilla is our winner today!
Congratulations to him for his fast thinking.

Our 6 newest missionaries

President Clayton's concluding remarks