The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Our tour of the eastern part of our mission

Today 4-20-17 we toured the east highland areas of our mission with our three assistants.  What a day we had together!  We left bright and early watching the sun come up as we drove out of Guadalajara.

We sure love these three.
Elder Uribe, Elder Torres and Elder Contreras

We headed to San Juan de los Logos where
Elder Powley and Elder Scoville serve...dividing
 their time with another area. 
This city is historicity known as the home of an
 image of the Virgin Mary called Our Lady of 
 San Juan de los Lagos.
   According to tradition, beginning in 1632, 
various miracles began to be ascribed to her,  
as believers would go to her image to pray
and ask for miracles.
 Today, the 'faithful and the curious' continue to go
 and see for themselves the 38 centimeter statue made 
out of sugarcane paste, bringing with them a 
continual flow of offerings to set at the
 base of her image. 

 It is a bustling city, that thrives on this major 
religious attraction.  The Basilica is the 
second most visited pilgrimage site in Mexico believed 
to number over 9 million visitors a year who come to 
see the exact spot where she performed her first 
     There are countless shops and vendors selling 
gifts to be taken and left in and around the huge

This huge fabric store was stacked from top to
bottom with all kinds of 'stuff' jammed in there. 

 beautiful aqueduct 

Not quite sure, but interesting. 

Entrance to San Juan de los Lagos

We drove through the city, parked and walked
around a bit.

The beautiful cathedral 

We picked Elder Powley and Elder Scoville up and
drove over to the new House of Prayer (below).
President Clayton has just approved this small
group to begin meeting in this new House of Prayer, 
so we were anxious
to actually go there and walk through it.

Us in the room they will use to meet and 
partake of the sacrament.
Brother Jimenez, the group leader met us there.
President Clayton, Elder Powley, brother Jimenez,
Elder Contreras, Elder Torres, 
Elder Scoville, and Elder Uribe.

We drove to Jalostotitlan a short 
distance away where the 
Jimenez family live on their dairy farm.

While President Clayton interviewed and visited
with brother and sister Jimenez, we visited their
farm animals.

We sure love brother and sister Jimenez.
What a faithful and dedicated couple
they are.  

We stopped at Taco King for lunch.

Elder Uribe with his alfalfa drink

a quick picture by this gorgeous door.

We stopped by to visit Rosendo, an active
 young man also participating in this group.  He is
pictured on the far left.  He is always so kind and
 treated us to some cookies and apple tea. 
We had a nice visit with him.

On to visit Elder Powley and Elder Scoville's 

President checking out their area maps

*** Please see the story in following post
 about our next experience in Jalostotitlan.
It was too long to add to this post.

heading back out...

...through the city and on to Arandas

Where Elder Angulo and Elder Jones are 
serving, again, part time.
Outside their apartment.

This is a nice apartment, 
We love the study areas, which have 
been set up and remained in good
condition through several companionship's.

Again, President Clayton checking their area maps.

We loaded up, this time with Elder Angulo and 
Elder Jones joining us to go and visit the group
leader brother Salas, and his family.

I feel badly that this is the only picture
we took as we were leaving late that night
after visiting with the Salas family.
We crowded back up their stairs for a 
quick picture.  The Salas family, 
 is a wonderful family, as is the single brother 
in the blue shirt, Joel Villegas, who lives in
Jesus Maria a few miles away from Arandas,
and Ricardo, their newest member up top
with the Elders.
They are a great support to our missionaries
serving in Arandas at this time,
and a marvelous example of living the
gospel even amidst great opposition
and challenges.  We love these 
faithful saints!