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Saturday, April 1, 2017

It's Mission Council!! 3-31-17

Today was our April mission council.  This is our all day training with the leaders of our mission, our zone leaders and our sister training leaders, where we teach and train them specifically in what they will return back to their areas and teach to the zones under their stewardship.
We sure love our missionaries.  Here is a glimpse of our day together.

President Clayton began our meeting today by 
doing a few exercises with our missionaries.  
We must keep ourselves physically
and spiritually fit to enable us to give our best
selves to this work of the Lord.
Missionary work is hard work!
But we can do hard things!

Did you notice that a bird flew into the room while they
were exercising.  He stayed perched up on the ceiling
the whole day.  I am sure he is edified for being with us
all day long.  :)

President showing the stretch bands he uses each 
morning for his personal exercises,
and recommending them to the missionaries.

President Clayton began by highlighing the 8 Fundamentals
found in Preach My Gospel.
1. The Doctrine of Christ - The Missionary Purpose
2. The Role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion
The Process of Revelation-
3. Revelation through Prayer
4. Revelation through the Book of Mormon
5. Revelation through Church Attendance
6. Teach People, Not Lessons
7. We Invite, They Commit, We Follow Up
8. How to Begin Teaching

President continued by reviewing the 
'Remember This'  the final page of PMG.
With assignments to review, study and implement
 these important points.

Sister Clayton - Effective Teaching

1. As missionaries we have been called to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
   Another phrase we could use to describe our calling as teachers is -
   we are instruments in the Lord's hands.

   ** Insert your name as we read these verses
        *2 Nephi 3:24
        *Mosiah 27:36
        *Alma 29:9

-We stand on the shoulders of giants.  
-We are in great company as servants of the Lord.  
-We too have been called to be instruments in God's hands.
*How polished are we?
*How in tune and prepared are we?
*How effective are we as teachers and guides?

2. As missionaries of the Lord Jesus Christ, our desire must be to become a more capable instrument in the hands of the Lord.
  *To be more effective
  *to be competent
  *to have a greater ability
  *to be more powerful

3. How can we improve?  (Discussion)
Maturing in the Gospel

Did you know discussion -
***The spirit of the Lord draws upon our knowledge and the skills we have developed to help us teach more powerfully.

***Our investigators understanding will be influenced by how well we can:  
(key words on board)

-Explain the gospel
-Use the scriptures
-Share your testimony
-Ask inspired questions
-Invite them to make and keep commitments

4. The first 5 minutes are so important... so critical.

We simply cannot say, so how are you?  Looking at your watch .... great, ok, let's get started..

Honestly, we must build trust, and confidence, we must be sincere.
Those first few introductory moments can and must be inviting, and set the stage for the spirit of the Holy Ghost to be present with us, and for the hearts of our investigator to be opened. In many ways, those few minutes can make or break the lesson.
It is tricky business… your beginning cannot be too casual, extending into long chatting and visiting, nor can we be too businesslike and hurried.
But… we must greet them warmly and with genuine love and a true desire, we must get to know them as we bring our most important message to help them and to bless them find the happiness, peace and light that is available through your message.

***Role Play
This is where we must realize that we are teachers of holy things… our message is sacred.  We are there on important business.  We have been sent to them to open wide the gates of the Celestial Kingdom… if they will have ears to hear.

There isn’t one right way to begin.

There isn’t one right way to teach or to connect with someone.
You came here to give of yourself. It is you that the Lord has sent to teach them the gospel.
So be you!

5. The spirit is the most important single element in this work. Period.
I testify that your personal study and faith is what will enable you
to become a more capable instrument in the hands of the Lord.  

Our Assistants Elder Uribe and Elder Contreras's teaching
Fundamental # 7 We Invite, They Commit, We Follow Up.
Their main focus was on how powerful our teaching
becomes when we ourselves are living the principles
 we teach and we are able to bear testimony 
from heartfelt, personal experience.

They demonstrated introducing and committing 
our investigators to the principle of paying tithing.


With the sister training leaders
during our breakout session
I love these sisters!
They are fabulous leaders and
add great strength to our mission leadership.
I am grateful for them!

President thanking our senior assistant Elder Uribe.
This will be his last mission council before he 
returns home.  I can hardly stand to think about it.
He has been such a marvelous leader and role
model.  We appreciate his dedicated service and

Here we are once again.
We love our missionaries!