The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Just a quick reminder to families


Dear families,

We appreciate your love and support!  We really do. Thank you, thank you for your prayers and faith in this marvelous work. This is a labor for your missionaries that is difficult, and challenging day in, and day out.   I can testify, that your missionaries are earnestly preparing themselves each day to represent our Savior as best they can.

Your missionaries are praying in faith for the spirit of the Lord to accompany them in this work.
They are seeking the Lord's spirit to be with them personally, and in their companionship's, as they contact and greet those they meet each day; and especially as they teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their desire is that they might be sensitive to, and respond to the promptings of the Holy Ghost, enabling them to teach mightily and with more power.  I am confident that your missionaries are giving their very best efforts.

We are grateful for every encouraging word you give to your missionary. We appreciate your letters of faith, of love and of testimony.  We are grateful for letters that do not distract your missionary from this important work.  Your missionaries are strengthened by the uplifting and motivating letter of love they receive from home.

Your emails of confidence and support can brighten a difficult day, they can encourage your missionary to stay the course, to grit through and overcome their challenges and to seek the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the true source of comfort and peace.

Missionaries in this mission do not have permission to use online chat methods of communicating with family and friends.  Any device or technology that offers real time communication is not approved.  Nor do we desire our missionaries to make an arrangement with family and/or friends to be on the computer at the 'same time' so that emails can be written back and forth simultaneously... or within minutes, allowing them to answer questions immediately and visit back and forth over email, during our missionary's set time to write letters.   These methods of communicating with family and loved ones are very distracting, and are over reaching the purpose of weekly letter writing.

We are encouraging our missionaries to go to their internet site each preparation day, to read letters from family, friends and loved ones there in their inbox, and then, to write their one letter back to their family, and perhaps a group letter for others,  highlighting their experiences, sharing their testimony and unfolding the miracles they have participated in and witnessed.
May we please remind all, that our missionaries have a limited time on the computer each week.  It is their time to communicate with their mission president and their family and loved ones. 

Missionaries are strengthened by families, friends and loved ones who send letters and emails that are filled with personal and family missionary experiences past and present.  Letters that share testimonies, and insights from personal scripture study are appreciated.  All missionaries love to hear family updates, but please keep them concise and positive.  Please do not unduly worry your missionary with things that will cause him to fret and feel stressed.  

Please, share the good things that are happening at home!  Especially share the gospel centered things you are involved in.  More than anything else, be sure and convey your love and encouragement. Thank them for their service, and express how proud you are of them.

I testify that we are each involved in the greatest work of the face of the earth.  The Lord Jesus Christ is truly hastening His work.  We are privileged to be rolling up our sleeves, and giving our absolute all, in this part of the Lord's vineyard here in Guadalajara Mexico.
When you help to strengthen your missionary, you are strengthening and moving forward our Savior's important work.

Thank you for your love and support!

With love,
President and Sister Clayton