The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Friday, April 14, 2017


We began our interviews several weeks ago with the Lomas Zone with zone leaders Elder Vazquez and Elder Torres.  We had a great day together!

As President Clayton interviewed each missionary individually, I taught and led a discussion with the rest of the zone about the effectiveness of our prayers.  Thank you to Elder Vazquez for translating for me.

Today's focus - we have been called to teach the Lord's way, with the power of His spirit.
As missionaries, we study, and we prepare, but if we do not have the spirit of the Lord to accompany us in this work, all of our knowledge and information... all of our words will fall flat!  Our message will not sufficiently and effectively reach the hearts of those we teach.

We followed a scripture chain today, highlighting and discussing our prayers of faith.

* D&C42:6    - And ye shall go forth in the power of my spirit
* D&C 42 14 - The spirit of the Lord is given to us by the prayer of faith (footnote a)
* D&C 63:64 - That which we receive is sacred - inspiration and direction through prayer (footnote c)
* D&C42:14 (again) - without this guidance and help of the spirit - we cannot teach 
* 1Corinthians 4:20 - God's truth is unfolded, not by His word only, but by the power of  His spirit.
* D&C 42:6  (again) we have been called to lift up our voices - in the name of the Lord - as with the
   sound of a trump....significance of a trumpet - sounding our voices as we declare God's word
* Moroni 7:48 - praying with 'all the energy of heart'
* Enos 1: 2-4 - wrestling, with great effort, hungering, pleading for divine help and guidance
* D&C42:61 - If thou shalt ask..... 'The Lord puts the responsibility for seeking after Him directly on
   our shoulders, and within the reach of every anyone.'

The zone leaders Elder Vazquez and Elder Torres led their zone
in brainstorming ideas for the upcoming Stake missionary activity.

They then followed up with setting stronger goals for strengthening
their pattern of prayer.

Setting forth their practice session.
They practiced teaching investigators about prayer.

We had our missionaries go to their lunch appointments
and we met back at the chapel at 4pm to do divisions.

President Clayton did divisions with the zone leaders,
Elder Vazquez and Elder Torres.

I went out with Sister Hernandez and Sister Arizmendi.

I loved going out with these sisters !!!
As we got on the bus, they asked the bus driver if they
could address the people on the bus.
They stood in front and talked about our chapels
and told those on the bus, that we would be passing our beautiful
building in just a minute. They said they would be happy
to give anyone interested a tour of our building 
and answer any questions they might have.
I was so proud of them as they stood there
unafraid and very courageous. 

us on the bus

We walked and walked to meet with Brenda
a nineteen year old who has just recently 
committed to be baptized.
(update-she was baptized last Sunday!)
We walked into the candy store where she works
with her mom.  We went into their small storage
room in the back to met with her.  
We sat on a little couch,and she 
sat on a 5 gallon bucket as these sweet
sisters taught her about obedience and prayer.

Once again, I was so proud of these sisters
who taught with confidence and excitement.
They were truly focused on Brenda and
watching them I could feel their love for her and
their efforts to encourage her.
I love our missionaries!! 

Us...stopping on the overpass to take a quick picture
as we walked back to the church building. 

Our next Interviews were with the Colima Zone
on 3-28-17 
What a marvelous day we had with these outstanding
missionaries with zone leaders
Elder Montan and Elder Monroy. 

I was grateful for Sister Urbina for translating for me.

Zone Leaders Elder Monroy and Elder Montan teaching

President Clayton's final interviews with 
the zone leaders.  Last ones out of the building 
and saying goodbye as we headed
back to Guadalajara.

We had to return back to Guadalajara before evening,
and so we were not able to do divisions with this zone.

Our next zone interviews were with the Union Zone 
 on 3-29-17 
We had a wonderful day together. This is our largest zone. 
President Clayton interviewed 22 missionaries
finishing just before 6pm. 
Zone leaders Elder Ocampo and Elder Acosta 
were well organized and things ran very
smoothly today.
Here are some highlights.

I appreciated Elder Aparicio for translating for me.

Zone Leaders Elder Ocampo and Elder Acosta teaching


How many office Elders can you fit into a taxi??

We love our missionaries!

Our next Interviews were with our Manzanillo Zone 
  on 4-4-17. What a great day together.

President's and my welcome

Thank you to Elder Long for translating for me.
We had a good discussion and great participation 

Zone leaders Elder Rodriguez and Elder Long
did a wonderful job teaching.  


Setting forth the practice session

This zone will  be meeting again on Friday to finish 
up with their practices and reminder items.  

We met with our Vallarta Zone on 4-7-17 
with zone leaders Elder Torres and Elder Jiminez. 

It was wonderful to be here with this outstanding
zone.  They were very engaged with us and were
prepared to hear my message today.

Thank you to Elder Colvin for translating for me.

Zone Leaders Elder Jimenez and Elder Torres's teaching

Zone Leaders Elder Jimenez and Elder Torres
practice with investigator Sister Brizuela.

Elder Stubbs with Sister Herrera

They invited me to join in the next practice.

Our new Nayarit Zone was next on 4-10-17
This newly created zone combines the
former Tepic and Santiago zones.

This fantastic zone is led by Elders Ramirez and Elder Medina

My teaching.  Thank you to our assistant, 
Elder Uribe for translating for me.

Zone Leaders Elder Ramirez and Elder Medina's teaching

Their round robin practices

A few house keeping items...ok... I had more than a few items :)

Independencia zone was next on 4-13-17
Great zone.. Great leaders.. Great day!

Thank you to Elder Powley and Elder Dehesa
for translating for me.

a quick snack..

And zone leaders Elder Espinosa and Elder Galindo
taught. They did an outstanding job.

At the close of their teaching, these two zone
leaders sang a hymn before they bore their
testimonies.  It was humble and rich in spirit.

saying goodbye and they are off!

And last but not least... our Guzman zone on 4-14-17
with zone leaders Elder Ruiz and Elder Christensen.
We had a wonderful day together.

My teaching.  Thank you to Elder Christensen
for translating for me.

Zone leaders Elder Ruiz and Elder Christensen teaching


a quick pictures with these fantastic sisters...

President's final goodbye to these dedicated zone leaders.

We love our missionaries!