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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Colima Leadership Training

We had a great day of leadership training with the Colima area district leaders, zone leaders, and sister training leaders.  What strong role models and good good teachers we have in this area.  The assistants had made many assignments ahead of time, and we had wonderful participation.  Elder Peterson and Elder Olivarez hosted lunch for us all, and I'm not going to lie.... it was scrumptious, just delicious!  They invited a member and an investigator to come and cook and serve both pork and white chicken pozole.  It was wonderful!  Thank you thank you!
Here is a glimpse of our day.  I took lots of pictures as memories for the missionaries and for me of course, and hopefully for their families to see them in action participating and enjoying a day of training in the mission.

President opened by talking about the vision of the Mexico Area Presidency.
How can we grow our faith?
*fast offerings
*honoring the Sabbath day
*temple attendance

Our testimony grows as we manifest our faith.
 Joseph Smith taught 3 key elements of true faith
  1  we must know that God exists
  2  we must have a correct understanding of God's true character and attributes
  3  we must know that our lives are in accordance and acceptable to God's will

These truths help us understand not only that God lives, but that he is our Father; that he desires to bless us, These truths assure us that our Father in Heaven is a God of miracles. That he is constant and true. That he is just, and full of mercy. That his words can be counted on and verified.  If we align ourselves to Him and to his words through his living prophets, we can find safety and peace.  These truths can also help us to be prepared as we inevitably will be buffeted by Satan.  We can expect opposition as we seek to increase our faith.  Plan on it, prepare for it.

Our strengthened faith will aid us as individuals and as families as we seek to open our mouths and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with our families and our friends as we participate in and follow the Mexico Area's plan.  We will see our Father in Heaven's work move forward in miraculous ways. There will be opposition, but we will prevail because Christ overcame the world.  We must make sacrifices to see miracles.  The Work of Salvation is a work of faith.
As we seek to deepen our faith and become obedient to the Lord's commandments, we will see success in our missionary efforts.

The assistants taught correct methods of leadership. Bossing and barking instructions, vs. leading by example, and doing tasks along side those we are teaching, training and leading

smaller groups study and prepare to role play and practice various scenario with confidence and faith

practice, practice, practice

President looked over each area book

my turn
I talked about 3 very temporal things, that have definite effects on our spiritual well being
taking care of ourselves, our health, our apartments, and reducing stress and worry.

la comida !

these are the sweet ladies who cooked our lunch today

a quick demonstration of how easily the lines of
communication can become misunderstood

President closed by highlighting the patterns found in Moses chapter 1
The Lord has a work for us to do
It is a marvelous work, a work of miracles
Satan will come to oppose us, plan on it
But God is a God of miracles and he is beside us
We must call upon Him and rely on Him to aid us
This work will roll forward
We have a glorious hand in participating in God great work of Salvation