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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Transfers! and our nine newest missionaries

President going through the final transfers with our 3 assistants

Here are our 8 new missionaries arriving at the airport from the Mexico City MTC.
One Elder, (Elder Perez is in front, and he is ready to get going), is returning from having foot surgery.  Elder Manzo took him to meet his new companion and he went right into the field.
The other 7 began their full day of new missionary training with us.

Later that afternoon, we picked up our one American Elder, Elder Medina  
coming from the Provo MCT 
We took him to the office to meet his companion and he spend the evening there. We completed his new missionary training with his companion at our home the next day.

Here they come!

they are wonderful!

We brought them to the mission home and had a bite to eat and President began his interview with each one.  We did a quick English assessment, and I talked with them about their apartments, their daily schedule, their health, and their standard of conduct and appearance.
They were up at 2 am and were so tired, we gave them a few minutes, and they were out!

We came to the church and there, ready and prepared were their trainers.
We had a bit more training together before we introduced them to who their companions would be and what area they would begin their service in.

I love Elder McGregor our financial secretary who was so organized and ready to train our new missionaries regarding their personal finances.

Here are our trainers... (they will be fabulous!)

and here are the (anxious to find out who their first companion will be), new missionaries 

After a few minutes of getting to know one another, we had lunch 
followed by more training together 


Here are our new companionships:

Hermana Harris with  Hermana Flores 
serving in Molinos 1, Lomas


 Elder Allred with Elder Ocampo
serving in Auditorio 3 in Independencia

Elder Rider with Elder Agustin 
serving in Tala in Union

Elder Perez with Elder Martinez 
serving in Tesistan 2 in Lomas


Elder Vaifanua with Elder Martinez 
serving in Mololoa 1 in Tepic 

Elder Bravo with Elder Gabriel 
serving in San Vicente 4 in Vallarta

Elder Guerreiro with Elder Pacheco 
serving in Arquitectura 2 in Independencia 

 Elder Nunez with Elder Medina
serving in Cihuatlan in Manzanillo

What a wonderful new group of companionships

 and they are off... President Clayton is standing at his favorite place to send them on their way