The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

stopping by Ixtlan del Rio once again

The beautiful drive on our way home from Tepic

We stopped by the pueblo of Ixtlan del Rio on our way home from Tepic to drive around and drive up to the top of the mountain ourselves. President Clayton has had this place on his mind for some time now.  You many remember, he originally felt impressed to send Elder Wilson and Elder Molina there to spend the day and see how they felt as they walked the streets and met the people there. They had a great day. They made many  contacts and had quite a few people say, when are you coming back?   
Several weekends ago he sent Elder Wilson, Elder Manzo there with our new assistant Elder Mickelson so he could familiarize himself with the area as well.  

This is a panoramic picture of Ixtlan del Rio

 At the top of the mountain side, there is a memorial of sorts.  The Elders had met Juan during their first visit.  He stands guard at the entrance of the bell tower.  He rings the bell everyday at noon.   The Elders met him on their first trip there and left a Book of Mormon with him then.  Here is the bell tower, the statue of Christ and the view of the valley below.  It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day and place.

just checking things out

This is the parking place for priests only.

On our way out of the Pueblo, I couldn't resist.  We drove by and saw this adorable grandma and her daughter and these two sweet puppies.  We asked if we could stop and see the puppies

I pulled out a few doggie treats, (which we keep in the car... I know... ) and they smacked them down.. they were so so so so cute.

We visited with the ladies for a few minutes and of course left them with a picture of the Savior and Elder Manzo asked if he could get their phone numbers and come back and visit with them about Jesus Christ and they said they would like that.

I just want you to focus in on how tender and sweet this grandma's face is.  She was so appreciative that we would stop and say hello

Her face is so precious (look at her tender face in each picture) I loved her instantly

They gave us some passion fruit and the daughter went in and cut it opened for us, and gave us a spoon, and told us to stir it and spoon it out, and that it was their favorite fruit, and so delicious.  This is me listening to the 3 Elders taunting me to try it, try it, try it..

ok, I'm getting ready to taste it

not going to lie.... it looks so unique!

ok, I'm sorry to be such a baby about tasting this :/