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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tepic Leadership Training

We followed the same pattern and taught the same truths as we did in the Colima area.  Here are the fabulous leaders in Tepic

President starting once again by talking about faith and the miracles of the work of salvation

the assistants, demonstrating the correct method of leadership, contrasting commands and demands, 

vs. leading by example, showing the way

 study sessions

notice the assistants right there to answer questions and insure understanding

practice, practice, practice

participation by district, sister and zone leaders

Elder Albrechsen and Elder Alarcon focusing on record keeping 

President looking over area books

the tail tale signs of our comida

more practicing

followed by more practicing

 a lesson in how our communications can become misunderstood

We learn in the Book of Mormon that there is opposition in all things. We should expect it and be prepared for it.
Opposition can serve to strengthen our faith, and it is necessary to accomplish all things.
President had the Elders help him with a quick object lesson, demonstrating that to maintain the Elder in the center as he fell forward, the Elders in the circle needed to resist that opposition and support him, holding him up, and keeping him from crashing to the floor.

Presidents closing remarks - God is a God of miracles. His work of Salvation is a work of miracles.
We must call upon Him and rely on Him to aid us.

a quick last word to the zone leaders

our wonderful leaders in Tepic

our sister training leaders in Tepic

the clean up crew

Sister Afu received a box and wanted to open it up right then, 
so she could share it with the others

leaving by taxi

and by van

I love our missionaries!