The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

our hospital visit and the cobblestone streets throughout our mission

We were just leaving Tepic with the assistants and passing the hospital there, when Elder Manzo said, that is the hospital that Sister Marciano is in with salmonella.  We were right there, so we called her companion Sister Newbold and asked if we could pop in and see her.  We visited her for a few minutes. Seeing her tiny frame, in that big hospital bed with her covers on just melted my heart. We could tell that she didn't feel very well.  At one point in our visit, she shared with us a dream that she had had the night before.  I have asked her if I could share it here on our missionary blog and she said of course.
She said, I had a dream last night.  I dreamed that President Monson came and stood right there at the foot of my bed.  He outstretched his arms to me with a big smile, and said, Jesus Christ knows and loves all his missionaries and then he came over and gave me a blessing.  I woke up, and he had gone. I looked over and saw my companion Sister Newbold asleep on the couch in the hospital room, and the tray of food right there by the wall.  It was very real that President Monson had come and given me a blessing.

What a sweet sister she is. I love her so much.  She is full of faith.
** note, she was in the hospital for two nights and went home the third day feeling much better.

Cobblestone streets!  When we first arrived, I said to President Clayton, oh honey, look how charming... cobblestone streets.  Then I went on splits with the sisters and walked and walked on those streets, and seriously, they are uneven, unforgiving, and very difficult and uncomfortable to walk on.   They are not everywhere of course, but many, many streets are cobblestone.  They have been the cause of quite a few foot and knee problems.

Driving down a very typical street here in Mexico.  I took this picture to show the colors I am 
coming to love and especially because the curtains were gently blowing out through the bars with the 
breeze of the hot afternoon.
I love our mission here in Mexico!!