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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Santiago Branch Conference

We enjoyed a wonderful Santiago Branch Conference here in Manzanillo.
Most of these youth had sang in a combined choir during Sacrament meeting. I was impressed with them and thought I would like to get to know them better, so during their Sunday School class, I went in with the youth and talked with them.
They started out so quiet and as we talked together, I learned that they go to over 10 different schools.
They come from different kinds of family life, and they all have varied interests and talents. Some had parents who were members and active, some were there alone and are the only members in their family.  Several were living with a grandma.  I was surprised at how different they all were.
We talked about how sometimes our differences can serve to strengthen us, especially if
we have the most important things in common. Their believe in our Savior Jesus Christ and in His restored gospel linked and connected them together as youth in the Santiago Branch, so it was OK that all the other things were  different and unique.
It was like pulling teeth getting these kids to come and take a quick picture..

Here they are.. the youth of the Santiago Branch 

Then, I popped into the Primary for a few minutes.. what darling, sweet children.

I couldn't resist.  These two twins are President Reyes's little girls.
I was telling them that we have twins too, but ours are older and 
are a boy and a girl.. these two are darling.

a view of the ocean at dusk

President Clayton reading letters