The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

on the way to Manzanillo

We have had a wonderful weekend!

Saturday morning Sept 19th  we were up and on our way by 9 am to drive to Manzanillo.  We stopped in Guzman for President Clayton to sign a Temple recommend.  One street from the church, we saw Sister Reynoso and Sister Kubosumi.  We were just getting ready to call them and see how they were doing.  Seriously, I had my phone in my hand and was dialing their number, when we looked up and saw them on the sidewalk.  Crazy!  We waved and said we would meet them at the church, and by the time we parked they were there.. they must have ran. :)

We went into the building and there were the zone leaders, Elder Smedley and Elder Lozano working on an area map for their ward council, flagging the less active members and the part member individuals.

As we were leaving the STL's Sister Santana and Sister Hansen came in.  They were all coming to practice for a ward talent show that evening.

Continuing on to Manzanillo, we decided to drive through Tecoman.  As we drove to the church where our meet and greet had been the week we first arrived in the mission, we were welcomed by the cobblestone streets again.  Even driving on them is bumpy.

We continued through Tecoman and the road took us out along the beach.  There were lots of small beach side hotels and little stores with all kinds of beach toys and swim wear.  There were restaurants with thatched roofs all set up for parties and visitors.  Water parks with slides, and pools lined the ocean side of the road.  There were countless palm trees and huge empty plazas along the beach with steps going down to the beach.  At a certain point in the road, the road forked and we were not quite sure which way to go to continue through Tecoman to see the rest of it.  We made a u turn and asked a man which road continued through Tecoman.  He said to take the right fork.  So, we continued driving.  It was hot and very humid. Every time we rolled the window down we could feel the sticky air. The ocean was beautiful, with the waves continuing to crash in, the smell of salt and grilling in the air. As we continued driving, the stores and eatery places became a bit more run down.  We finally reached the end of the road, and saw the dead end parking lot with a man ready to guide us into a parking slot.  President rolled his window down and said no, I'm just turning around.  He was friendly and President started talking to him about how we were going to Manzanillo to visit missionaries and we were just driving around Tecoman, and how pretty it was.  President asked him a question or two, and all of a sudden he said, I've been to Mesa Arizona.  I saw your Temple there, and they gave me your Bible, but I've lost it, and I want to read it.  Could you give me another one?  I was up on my knees in a flash, turned around to the back seat, searching our car, reaching and pulling things out from behind my seat pocket and I am sorry to say, we didn't have a Book of Mormon. (what kind of missionaries are we??)  We gave him a Restoration pamphlet... seriously, that's all I could find... don't worry, we are stocking up when we get back home.

He said when are you coming back?  When you come back can you teach me?
And can we discuss it?  I want you to tell me more, when are you coming back to tell me more?  (I am not making this up... he said it twice)

We told him we would send missionaries that would find him and they would bring him a Book of Mormon.  We also promised that we would come back and see him.  He had a shirt on that said, Director of Parking.  Dad and I are convinced that we took the right fork in the road to find this man.

It is absolutely crazy that we met this man in the middle of Tecoman, and he had been to the Mesa Arizona Temple visitors center, and they had given him a Book of Mormon, and he would like another one, and oh, could we come back and talk to him about it?   yes! We Can!

***Note*** We sent Elder Fuimaono and Elder Valdez to visit this man.  When we saw them at our Colima zone conference several days ago, they reported that they had gone and found this man.  His name is Rosaleo and he was so receptive to them. They gave him a Book of Mormon and taught him a first lesson, with an appointment to come back.

ps I bought a sweet little summer dress in one of those little side shops.. can't wait to wear it.

Our pretty pretty drive to Manzanillo. On the way, we saw the reflection of the mountain side and the low clouds in the lake as we drove into Guzman.  See the reflection and all the little sandpipers?

click on this picture below to see way back into the valley... so gorgeous

Sisters Hansen, Santana, Reynoso, and Kubosumi by their missionary tree in the foyer.

Elder Smedley and Elder Lozano working on their area map

This is such a typical thing we see here in Mexico.
Folks just need to get from point A to point B

check out the three little boys looking and talking with the guy on the motorcycle

another look at these famous cobblestone streets here in Mexico 

 This is somethings else we see quite often,
 bikes being used to transport all kinds of things

President standing by the ocean along Tecoman 

This is an example of the restaurants along the ocean side of the road as we came
into Tecoman.  We saw lots of  thatched roofs and palm trees 

notice the glass along the top of the wall to keep intruders out

We saw these men loading up their truck with coconuts.  A few minutes earlier,
we saw several young men in the back of another pick up truck using their machetes
to break open the fruit on their laps.

we passed by this lady carrying her broom on her shoulder

palm trees everywhere

A huge, gorgeous plaza with steps leading out into the ocean, empty... 
The people here say in the heat of the day, folks stay away, but later in the evening
things come alive

This horse is just loose and standing there, too close to the road, I think

another horse along the side of the road

ok....... I couldn't resist :)

typical corner shop with a little bit of everything for sale

the trucks are always piled and loaded way way high

another mode of transportation we see all the time

lots of swans and all kids of birds, do you see how I caught 
one bird in mid flight right in the center of the bush

this dude looks awesome and very rugged to be crossing the cobblestone streets.. 
I wonder how his little knees are holding up?  :)