The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Branch Conference at San Blas 5-7-17

What a wonderful day we have had at our San Blas Branch Conference.  Our drive to San Blas this morning was beautiful.  There is a brand new road that has just been finished, making our trip so much quicker and enjoyable. :) We enjoyed such gorgeous views as we drove.

Entering San Blas 

We gathered everyone to one side of the room
so we could take a quick picture after our conference
of the congregation for our mission history. 

Pictured below with Branch President 
Juan Carlos Marquez and his wife Cornelia.  

I was so taken with all of the
little children here in this branch.
This little guy carried his blanket,
bottle and snacks in his backpack.

They were all so precious.

Such cuties!! 

This little one just woke up from her nap.

This is Santiago District President 
and Sister Arias's little boy

Members visiting and making 
connections after the meeting.

With sister Urbano, who presented us with 
a gorgeous floral bouquet after the meeting.

With the Elders quorum president and his wife,
President and sister Urbano.

With Elder Jones and Elder Clawson
who are newly serving here.

After church, we took a drive around San Blas and could hardly leave… it was so compelling. We drove slowly in and around the dirt and cobblestone roads.  We wanted to take it all in, and so we took our time meandering around the neighborhoods, getting to know this interesting city. 

San Blas is a little fishing village... and with the ocean being so close by, with boats and it’s own harbor, we were able to see some great relics that have been left to weather for who knows how long...  President was in heaven.

It didn’t take long to notice how friendly everyone was.   As we drove by, folks waved and nodded hello.  We could see through open doorways families gathering and visiting, and on back porches children playing or someone peacefully napping in a hammock. 

The people here in San Blas seem to be living simple, and very humble lives. I am sure it is not completely the case, but so many folks we saw today, were sitting so happily and contently with family and friends and enjoying the afternoon . There was nothing fancy, and nothing flashy in this place. As we drove, we felt the certainty of our Father in Heavens love for every single one of these sweet people. We didn't see the effects of pride or worldliness in the least. 

It is sobering to see the poverty and struggle that many of these good folks are living under, and the great effort required to scratch out a living for most; and yet we saw quick smiles and a happy people.   We also loved the children we saw playing and laughing along every street.  Always a good sign.

As we drove, we listened to Paul Cardall’s album, A New Creation, with Elder Bednar's words to the song One by One playing in the background. The words struck both President Clayton and I once again, quite profoundly, that our Father in Heaven knows and loves each one of us intimately and personally... One by One. 

We are happy that Elder Clawson and Elder Jones will be serving here in San Blas, and know they will be welcomed by the members here.  We are confident that they will be able to find those who are searching and seeking for answers and peace...those who are looking for help from heaven.  We feel good about San Blas’ members and missionaries working together to build up this part of the Lord’s vineyard.

this vendor selling roasted corn 

always, always there is laundry hanging out to dry

This family squeezed their little pool inside their gated
side porch.. the kids were having such a great time,
and the parents were visiting just behind them.

We saw lots of children out playing.

chickens and satellite dishes

a Sunday snooze

I am sorry I didn't catch this little guy peeking out, 
and swinging his legs back and forth, 
kicking the curtain as he sat in that outhouse.

a day to remember...