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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Colima and Guzman Zone Conference

We combined our Colima and Guzman zones for our final zone conferences this time around.
We had an outstanding day together!  These missionaries were prepared to participate.  They brought open hearts and willing spirits.. we had great discussions and teachings.

Opening song in English
Called to Serve

President asked Elder Elmer to assist him in 
his object lesson

President asked him if he had faith in him??    He answered yes.
President Clayton blindfolded him and asked him to turn
around to prepare to fall into his arms.

While he was blindfolded, President asked 4 Elders to quietly come up,
without Elder Elmer hearing them...and help him catch him as he fell
down into what he thought, would be just President Clayton's arms.

He didn't hesitate... he fell right back.

Do we have faith in God?
What has God put in place to help us know
his will, and help us safely stay on course?

Thank you to Elder Christensen for translating for me as
I taught about the role the Holy Ghost plays
in Conversion.

We have asked every missionary to be prepared with
three, three minute talks, and to have them ready
and in their back pockets at all times.
One on
1. Baptism
2. The Holy Ghost
3. The Savior

Today, there was a little treat for those who
were prepared... all were prepared!

Hoy es el dia!
Today was the day we began to hear one or
two of those prepared talks.
President asked Sister Madrid to come up first.

And then Elder Padron

Both did an outstanding job.

Sister Calixto and Sister Lopez
teaching on personal and companionship
studies.. it was fantastic training.

They focused on the 'meat' of the matter.

Then, STL's Sister Barnette and Sister Urbina taught.

Once again, they had companionship's come up and
with one leg tied together, walked demonstrating how
important it is to work together for a common goal.

Elder Castillo and Elder Santiago

Elder Cabrera and Elder Monroy

President Clayton's Remember This Game
Each team had to write out as many bullet points
as they could remember from the last page in PMG
Remember This...

Team #1

Team #2

Team #3

and Team #4

Team #1 won!

The Zone Leaders teaching.
Elder Cabrera and Elder Monroy did
a wonderful job teaching about inviting to church,
inviting to keep commitments, inviting to make changes in their lives...
Once again, we must become expert in Inviting!

Zone Leaders Elder Ocampo and Elder Christensen 
also taught the importance of effective inviting.
Great job.  

Elder Cabrera and Elder Monroy 
demonstrating the practices
They did an outstanding job
setting forth the example.


My scripture activity

Breakout session with the sisters

President Clayton's closing remarks

Great day together!