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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Independencia Zone Conference 5-11-1 7

We had another fabulous day with our Independencia zone.

President began his teachings with his object
lesson with Elder Godinez. The stage was quite
high, and honestly, he was nervous, bless his 
heart, to fall back.

President had asked 4 Elders to come up quietly
and assist him in catching him.  

President let him take his time, and when
he said he was ready,  he did sit
right down into the group of Elders arms...

How do we strengthen our faith?

*** please note, for details about what President Clayton
and I taught specifically, please see May Mission Council
blog post. thanks..

**Following the Prophets and Apostles.
**Having Faith
**How can we improve our work in
the 4 key indicators?


Thank you to Elder Drumright for translating for me as I 
taught about the Role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion 

A bite of lunch

We have asked each of our missionaries
to prepare and have ready at all times,
Three - 3 minute talks, one on Baptism, 
one on the Holy Ghost,
and one on our Savior Jesus Christ.

Hoy es el dia!
Today was the day we began to hear one or
two of those prepared talks.

President extemporaneously called on
  Elder Cervantes first


and then on Sister Nunez
They did an outstanding job.   

Next, our Sister Training Leaders,
Sister Ramirez and Sister Sandoval taught
how we can know what to study?

How can we testify of what we are teaching,
if we do not know and believe in our message?

I again, loved these sisters whiteboard illustrations.

President Clayton's Remember This Game!

Each team had to write out as many bullet points
as they could remember from the last page in PMG
Remember This....

                                                                     Team #1

                                                                           Team #2

Team #3

Team #4

Team #2 Won!

The Zone Leaders teaching.
Elder Montan and Elder Espinosa did
a great job teaching about inviting to church,
inviting to keep commitments, inviting to make changes
in their lives... we must become expert in Inviting!

How can we invite and prepare our
investigators to come to church, and
prepare them for the sacred experiences
they will have, maybe for the first time?


My scripture game.

Our sisters breakout session