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Friday, May 19, 2017

Union Zone Conference 5-10-17

We had a wonderful day today with our Union Zone.
Great leaders, outstanding missionaries all!

A quick picture before we started.

President Clayton's welcome.

How much faith do we have?

*** please note, for details about what President Clayton
and I taught, please see our May Mission Council blog post.

He asked Elder Rose to come up and help him
with his object lesson.

Elder Rose was all in!

Thank you to zone leader Elder Acosta
for translating for me as I taught about 
the role of the Holy Ghost in the 
conversion process.

Our Sister Training Leaders
Sister Lopez and Sister Calixto teachings.  
They did an outstanding job teaching about
personal and companion studies. I love these two!

The 'meat' of the matter...

We have asked every missionary to be prepared with
three, three minute talks, and to have them ready
and in their back pockets at all times.

One on
1. Baptism
2. The Holy Ghost
3. The Savior

Hoy es el dia!
Today was the day we began to hear one or
two of those prepared talks.
Sister Cordova was first.

Elder Pacheco was next.
They both did an outstanding job!

Oh. my. word. 
These sweethearts surprised me with a beautiful bouquet
of flowers for Mothers Day, and most treasured of all, 
were the personalized, handwritten notes from each 
one of these missionaries accompanying the flowers.
I was so touched by how thoughtful and tender they 
presented them to me.
I love our missionaries!
(Thank you to these sweet zone leaders
Elder Acosta and Elder Martinez)

President Clayton's Remember This Game
Each team had to write out as many bullet points
as they could remember from the last page in PMG
Remember This...

Team #1

Team #2

Team #3

And team #4

sorry....I did not get a picture of the team that won the 
container of caramels.  :/

The Zone Leaders teaching.
Elder Acosta and Elder Martinez did
a terrific job teaching about inviting to church,
inviting to keep commitments, inviting to make changes in their lives...
Once again, we must become expert in Inviting!

How can we invite and prepare our
investigators to come to church, and
prepare them for the sacred experiences
they will have, maybe for the first time?


My scripture activity

Our sister's breakout session

Great Day!!