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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May Mission Council

We have had a great day together with our mission council.
We took one picture on the side of the Temple.

And another one on the front steps of the Temple.

A quick picture just before we began.

President's teaching
How much faith do you have?

President's object lesson
He called Elder Ramirez up and asked him if he
had faith in him?? He answered yes.
He blindfolded him and asked him to turn around
to prepare to fall into his arms.
President then asked 4 Elders to quietly come up
and help him catch Elder Ramirez as he fell
down into what he thought, would be just 
President Clayton's arms.

Would he be willing to fall and let President
Clayton catch him?

Absolutely yes he did.
President assured a safe catch
by asking additional Elders to 
come and help.

Elder Ramirez did his part.  He was ready and 
demonstrated his faith in President Clayton
Do we have faith in God?
What has God put in place to help us know 
his will, and help us safely stay on course?

*Prophecies from latter day prophets 
(PMG chapter 1 pgs. 12-13)
*Our Prophet today - testimony
*Prophecies for this mission
*Faith in the work
*Acting in Faith
*God knows our hearts
                            *God knows the desires we have to serve him

President Clayton shared the 
miracle of the Berlin Wall coming down in one day.
What can we learn from the prophecies and miracles
that happened in Germany?

*** What are the prophecies concerning the work 
here in Mexico?

Do we believe in the words of the Prophets and Apostles?
Do we testify of them, because they are part of the lesson,
or do we testify of them because we believe in the prophecies?

Let us press forward with our faith!

My teaching - 
The Role of the Holy Ghost in the Conversion Process

*The power of the Holy Ghost is central to conversion
*When we teach the doctrines of the gospel,
accompanied by the Lord's spirit - 
true conversion takes place.

PMG pg 93 M Russell Ballard Quote
True conversion comes through the power of the Lord's spirit 
-When the spirit touches individual hearts = 
     Hearts are changed

   -When our investigators feel the spirit working in them=
           or when they see evidence of the Lord's hand in their lives =
They are edified
                            They are strengthened spiritually 
       Their faith increases

-When individuals choose to keep commitments = 
                          They feel God's power strongly 
                  They develop faith in God 
      They grow in faith 
                                                                     They see the need to repent and make and keep covenants.

The Holy Ghost is the Revealer of all truth,
the Testifier, the Comforter.
His Role is not simply part of the conversion process, 
it is the essential key element in the conversion process.

What is our 'part'?

*study- dig
*learn - by heart
    *prepare - with effort
*seek - diligently
*ask- earnestly

Our Assistants Elder Torres and Elder Contreras
teaching and practicing - inviting and attending church

Practicing inviting

A quick bite of lunch

President Clayton's continued instruction and discussion

   4 Key Indicators:
       *New Investigators
                  *Attendance at Sacrament
*Baptism dates
                       *Baptisms and confirmations

Add our three mission pillars:
*Work -  teaching the Doctrine of Christ

-Working with members
-Mission Goals
-Finding, Finding, Finding

The Prophet Joseph Smith declared,
"After all that has been said, our greatest and
most important duty is to preach the Gospel."

Reminders... always :)

My breakout session with the sister training leaders

Great day!