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Monday, October 26, 2015

Brother Devin G. Durrant's visit to our mission

Here are the highlights of Brother Devin G. Durrant’s visit with us.
Brother Durrant who is First Counselor in the Sunday School General Presidency
talked with our Guadalajara missionaries about teaching as the Savior taught.
He began by asking a series of inspired questions and teaching
how to wait for, and build on those answers.

Inspired Q   Finish this sentence
I love my mission because....
*I feel the guidance of the Holy Ghost
*I can serve like Christ, when will we have this kind of opportunity again in our lifetime?
*I love the Savior
*I'm learning more about Jesus Christ and how he taught

What have you learned here in the mission?  
*patience, how to love the people, how to strengthen myself to serve the people here..
*I have felt that my Savior and my Heavenly Father trust me
*I have learned more about who Jesus Christ is and who are Father in Heaven is
* I do not know what lies in my future, but I do know that tomorrow is going to be
 better than today.

Brother Durrant - I'm pondering John 13:34  Love one Another
Inspired Q  Why do you think our capacity to love is great?

We are going to talk today about being a teacher, and the privilege of being a tool in the Lord’s hand to be able to participate in the conversion process, and watch people change.
How did the Savior teach?
How did the Savior used questions?

Sister Santana  He taught the principles, and the people made their own commitments

Inspired Q
Give me some examples?
3 Nephi 27: 2      Savior's inspired Q  What will ye that I shall give unto you?
                           Then, he gave them time to ask their questions.
                           **what is the name we should call this church?

                            Savior's inspired Q   Why is it that the people murmur?
                             Have they not read the scriptures?
                             How can it be my church, save it be in my name?

Ether 3:10-13       Savior's inspired Q   Sawest thou more than this?
                             **show thyself to me?
                             Savior's inspired Q to the brother of Jared, believest thou the       
                             words which I shall speak?

If the people receive knowledge, and know that they can be redeemed, and clean, then they will and can act on the words they hear.

Inspired Q Can you see that you are a tool in the hands of the Lord?

Get yourself into groups of 4 or 5 I'm going to give you some items
Q Tell me what these items might possibly mean in a teaching setting?

a glass of water
a rock
a sponge.
a container

I'm going to give you 3 minutes to prepare how you might teach using these items.

Inspired Q How can we teach the gospel in a clear way using these items?

***note*** If in your lessons you have not given your investigators something to ponder and think about, and how to apply what you have taught them, you have missed a grand opportunity.

Group 1 Sister Hansen, Sister Santiago, Sister Gutierrez and Sister Gonzalez :

As missionaries, we experience many trials and afflictions. We must rely on the rock, we must fill ourselves each morning with the words of Christ

Q Who is going to give the living waters to the people in Mexico?  We are !

Helman 5 :12
Remember that it is upon the Rock of Jesus Christ that ye are built
the rock is hard and unmovable.  He is our safety.

Moroni 7:31 We are to call men unto repentance and receive (soak up) the blessings, covenants and ordinances of the Gospel.

D&C 63:23
Q what is the water?  The well of living water, springing up (pouring the water into the container - our lives) unto everlasting  life

Q  30 seconds, how can we apply this lesson to our work?

Group 2 Elder Robledo, Elder Mickelson, Elder Galindo, Elder Flores :

We have the Plan of Salvation and God has created us
We are like the rock, the container is our world, the water is the sin and lies of the  world, the sponge is our Savior who absorbs the sins of the world.

2 Ne 2:7 He offers Himself as a sacrifice for sin..
then we go through the towel and return to Heavenly Father

Q 30 seconds  how can we apply this to our work today?
There are many people who love Jesus Christ, but they don't know how to apply the atonement in  their lives.  We teach them how to do this.

Inspired Q  Think, how can I teach in a clear way?    PMG, the scriptures

Inspired Q How did Jesus Christ teach these things through his parables?
Inspired Q How was He a teacher?  
Q How can we teach in clear way

Take a few minutes with your companions find me an example
Inspired Q Stand up, and show me one scripture of how Jesus taught?

Elder Perez
3 Nephi 11:15 Jesus Christ was teaching one by one, the people went by one by one until they had each felt and seen the marks on His hands and feet.
So they could bear record.  So they could bear testimony.

Matthew 16: 15-17 Peter said, thou art the Christ the Son of the Living God

3 Nephi 11:32  This is my doctrine, and I command all men that they repent and believe in me.

Wouldn't it be something if we invited our investigators to bear testimony of what they just learned and felt, the small part of the gospel, that they know.

If we bear testimony then the Father will bless us.  If our investigators bear testimony of what they have learned, feel, believe, know, the Father will bless them to desire to know more.

Inspired Q  Our commission is to invite all men to repent.. are we doing it?

Inspired Q Are we courageous enough to do it?

Are we saying Brother _____we invite you to repent of all your sins.
Inspired Q  Why are we not doing that? ... it is scary, but that invitation can change their lives.

Elder Pallila   
One way we can do this is to teach them the doctrine of repentance. Teaching faith, and the principles of the gospel,  PMG chapter 11
Moroni 7:47 Charity
If we had to decide what was the most important things Christ did while he was on the earth.. it would be His ability to love, to have charity.

Brother  Durrant-
If I could give you a gift, it would be to love more.  This ability to love comes from the Holy Ghost

Inspired Q In your teachings, how many of you use a questions to introduce your lesson?

Inspired Q What kind of men ought ye to be?
Inspired Q Do you want to follow the example of Jesus Christ?
Inspired Q  What would Christ do?
Inspired Q Whosoever repents and becomes as a little child, how are we like children?  

Q What are the obstacles?

***Sometimes, we are in a rush, we don't think we have time to ask questions and wait for their answers

***sometimes, we don't think to do it.

***We think we need to teach PMG and not people

***Most of the time, we feel more comfortable doing the talking

D&C 50:22
He that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified
Inspired Q Who are the preachers, and who are the receiver, who becomes edifies?

***note***80% of the time, your investigators are edified when they participate and talk and contribute.

Inspired Q What can we do when they talk and talk.. and talk ?  
***Use what they are talking about to Segway into our lessons.
***sometimes, we need to say, we need to focus and then we can talk about your story
***in everything that they say, you can find one principle that can apply to a lesson, and you can teach, starting from what they are talking about

Inspired Q how can the Holy Ghost help you solve your problems as missionaries?

***when we find a person who talks and talks and talks - ask am I listening?  Am I looking for key words that they are saying that will tell me know what they need to hear, or what I should unfold to them spiritually?

Inspired Q As we do this we are showing our love and respect to them ?

PMG ch 10 teaches... if we lose or don't have hold of the lesson, we can ask a question to bring us back

***We knocked on the  door and woke a lady up and she was mad so
we asked an inspired question, why did you invite us here?  she started crying and humbled herself and was ready to listen

Testimony from Elder Johnson our Area Seventy

***I hope that you each are going to ponder and ask yourselves what am I going to do to be a better teacher

***Invite your investigators to share their small testimony of what they learned each time

Q Have your investigators shared questions after your lesson?
Q   What are some of the promptings you have received?
**don't talk too much and listen
**testify and then allow them to testify
**if we invite them and to act they are going to come and draw closer to the Lord
***we are representatives of Jesus Christ and we must teach the way He taught