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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Our Miraculous Hurricane Patricia

"They are calling this a miracle for Mexico!
Let me quote from the most current CNN weather report:

(CNN)"Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded at sea, approached Mexico's Pacific coast with such ferocity that one official predicted it would become the most dangerous storm in history."
Thousands were evacuated from luxury beach resorts and impoverished hamlets long before the powerful Category 5 storm touched down Friday evening near Cuixmala in southwestern Mexico. Its crushing 165-mph sustained winds uprooted trees and toppled power lines. Heavy rains unleashed mudslides.
By late Saturday afternoon, however, satellite imagery and surface observations from northern Mexico indicated Patricia had degenerated into a remnant area of low pressure, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center.
The hurricane center's final advisory on what had been described as a potentially catastrophic storm came hours after Patricia had been downgraded to a tropical depression, sapped by mountainous terrain, with 35-mph sustained winds.
Mexico apparently dodged a bullet. For now, there are no confirmed reports of storm-related fatalities or major damage.
    "We are fortunate the hurricane ... went to the mountainous areas," Communications and Transport Minister Gerardo Ruíz Esparza told reporters.
    "That lessened the impact. The wind and water hit us but our infrastructure was able to withstand that hit. The worst went to the mountains."
    Patricia plowed through a sparsely populated and mountainous stretch of the coast but avoided the resort city of Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, home to the largest container port on Mexico's Pacific seaboard."

    President Clayton and I are grateful for the miraculous blessings upon our Guadalajara Mission, our missionaries, our members and the people here in the Vallarta, Manzanillo, San Blas and Tecoman areas.  We have been largely spared and blessed.  We thank our Father in Heaven for his tender mercies over us and account the diversion of the storm to his watchful care and protection over us.

    Our prayers, love and concern are with those in harms way, as this storm continues to rage up and into other areas.

    Muchas Gracias por todo, 
    President and Sister Clayton