The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

San Juan De Los Lagos

 While we have been holding zone conferences, our assistants have been out traveling across the mission to various areas and meeting with companionship's, and going on divisions with them.  Additionally, President has asked them to go check out several other areas like they did with 
Ixtlan Del Rio.  
The area they went to this past week was San Juan De Los Lagos.  There have not been missionaries there for over 20 years.  They went on Friday with Elder Agustin, one of our new Elders, joining them for divisions that day.  They arrived in the city by bus, and then took a tour of the city in a taxi. 

 They asked the taxi driver to take them to the highest point in the city.  As they surveyed the city, they prayed and then feeling the impression to move forward, they chose a neighborhood below and left to begin their day, meeting and greeting who they could.  As they began walking around the neighborhood, they decided to look for families, and to talk to every family they met.

People were welcoming and friendly as they walked along the streets.  They were able to go into 4 homes and leave a prayer or blessing with them.  And they gave out 6  Books of Mormons.

They came upon some workers building a house.  As they talked with them, they started helping them work on the house.  A family across the street from the home being built, looked out and saw these young men in white shirts and ties helping build the house.  Very curious, they came out and asked who they were and why they were dressed so nicely, and working so hard.  Elder Manzo and Elder Mickelson, and Elder Agustin explained who they were and why they were there.  The family invited the Elders to their home across the street and visited with them.  The Elders left them with a prayer in their home as well.  They worked the area, meeting and greeting all they could until evening and then took a bus back to Guadalajara.

*** note***

Missionaries here in Mexico are encouraged to greet families as they pass by their homes, explaining that they are representatives and ministers of Jesus Christ, and asking the family if they could come into their home for a few moments and leave them with a blessing or a prayer.

Many, many people recognize our missionaries as ministers and feel to let them come into their home to bless them.  The missionaries reverently enter their home and briefly explain that our Heavenly Father loves them and will hear and answer each prayer that is offered.  They testify that we can gain strength and peace from praying to our Father in Heaven. 

They ask if there are family members or loved ones, who they are concerned about or who are sick or afflicted, or in need, and then they ask if they could offer a prayer in their behalf.

The missionaries then offer a prayer of gratitude to the Lord for the opportunity to be with this family, and to pray in their behalf.  They ask that our Father in Heaven will bless their home and this family, including specific needs they may have shared.

As the missionaries leave, they thank them for the opportunity to come in their home, and share a prayer with them, and for the privilege to bless their home.  If the spirit directs, they might leave a Restoration, or a Our Heavenly Father's Plan pamphlet and make an appointment to return, hopefully very soon after this experience.

Here is San Juan De Los Lagos from the highest point the Elders could find.