The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


On our way home from Tepic, we stopped and drove through and around Magdalena, a small town, off the beaten path. It was such a perfect small Mexican town,  I loved everything about it.
I took a bazillion pictures.  I'm sorry, I just did. I think they tell the story and feeling of this wonderful place!

the bell tower

working and visiting

I absolutely loved this sweet lady with her shawl walking down the street... I can't tell you how hot and humid it was...

This town was full of older gentlemen with their cowboy hats and long sleeved shirts

Bless this crew.  They were tearing, up the street with their digging bars to
 replace a water line, we suppose, and were laying down 
rocks to replace the road with cobblestone (of course)

we saw so many older folks out and about

we saw families

lots of laundry on the line

a peek inside the dozens of small corner shops

he's taking his siesta right. there.

I loved that cratchity old tree right. there. 

we were in time to see the children coming home from school
wearing lots of different kinds of uniforms

I know... I just love these horses.. right. there.

:) I  love it 

two little boys playing

someone had really beautified their home

this guy had found some shade.. good for him

I really loved this roof

and I love her apron, reminds me of me :)

Isn't she the most adorable, precious little thing ever... please take it all in...
all of it.  Her pony tail, she's sort of tracing the cracks in the sidewalk with her little finger,
holding her little juice, and her smile.  I love this picture!

this mama had washed the sheets and blankets today

lots of rod iron

We stopped and visited with these gentlemen.  They were just visiting this town,
and didn't know much about it.  We asked if they knew about the church, or had
seen missionaries with tags like ours, they said they had.  They were soft spoken and
were a bit taken back that two Americans were stopping the car to talk with them.

these three were frock ling and looking for something to get into

part laundry, and part for sale, we think

do yo see the road??

an outside shop owner, grilling, getting ready for customers

a mother and her daughter walking home from school

another sweet lady heading home with her grocery bag

I loved the look on this little girls face, heading home from school.
Check out her adorable uniform, knee socks and all
(I want to remind you how hot it is here)

another sweet lady heading home I'm guessing

This is so typical here in Mexico, people gather around these little vendor's and shop owners.
Everywhere we go, they visit and enjoy eating and each others company.

yellow taxi's are everywhere, no matter what or where

these workers were tearing this wall down with their hand tools

This little boy was sent to the corner shop to buy a ice cold coke a cola
he's got it caressed in his arms, shaking it as he walks :)  I love it


As we pulled into Guadalajara, we saw this vendor selling cold drinks on the island in the middle of the lanes. I love that his customer is sitting right there, in the middle of traffic, on the water jug,
enjoying his drink

Ok, we have driven by this spot numerous times and this mother sells things here each day.  It is her spot.  She will tie off her little baby to the trees to keep her safe from the traffic.  But this afternoon, she was napping in the shade.   Bless this mothers heart, and this little baby girl.