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Monday, October 12, 2015

Visiting Ameca

We were scheduled to be in Teocuitatlan, outside of Guzman for church on Sunday, but President kept feeling an impression to go to the Ameca Branch. He wasn't quite sure why, but the feeling kept coming.
We arranged with the Elders from that Branch, Elder Todd and Elder Rodriguez to contact the Branch President there and let him know we would be coming.

We got up early, and drove to Ameca.  President was able to interview and help set several people apart while he was there.  After the meetings, I was able to play jump rope with some of the children in the parking lot while I waited for President.  (don't be silly, I just turned the rope, not jumped)

The day was filled with sweet Sabbath meetings. We love President Partida and his wife.  He has been Branch President for over 9 years.  His wife has serious, serious crippling arthritis.  She has been the Relief Society President for many years.  You may remember some time ago, I wrote of being  in Ameca one Sunday when she stood up and took the visiting teaching report at the end of the RS lesson, (which she had taught).  She stood up with her spiral notebook and pencil and went sister by sister and asked for their report right there and then.  It was a tender experience for me to witness each sister, unashamedly give an accounting on their compassionate service and love to and for each other.

Sister Partida has a glass eye and her hands and feet are so bent and unwilling to move from her debilitating arthritis, but she is faithful and happy and I love her so much.  We have seen her and her good husband at the Temple numerous times.  Anyway, she was released as RS president today, bless her heart.  She was the first speaker and spoke on charity.  I love her.

After Sacrament meeting, a man came up to President Clayton and said, I just cannot believe you are here today.  I am so grateful you are here, but I still cannot believe you really came.  He said, I have been a member of the church for 10 years.  He told President that he lives and works 2 hours outside of Ameca.  He said, I have long wanted my patriarchal blessing.  But recently, I have felt so strongly that I need to get my blessing, for added guidance and direction in my life, but I have just not been able to get my interview and both signatures all lined up.  I prayed and prayed that there would be some way for me to get my recommend signed so I could get my blessing.  He said the Branch President had given him the first part of the recommend, but I had a feeling that I needed to make the effort to come to church today with my recommend in hand.

He thumbed a ride to Ameca on Saturday evening and got in late, late at night.  (I do not know where he stayed)  He got up early Sunday morning and started walking to the church building when a member saw him and picked him up and brought him to church.  He had no idea that President Clayton would be at church today.  He came in a bit late, and he told President after the meeting, that when he saw him sitting up on the stand, he felt it was a miracle.  He felt his prayers had been answered.  He sat during the meeting and was overwhelmed that God knew the desires of his heart and had answered his prayers.

Here are some of the children from the Ameca Branch today.  They are just so darling!

I know... so adorable!

This sweetheart came up on the stand during the meeting
 and played with President Clayton

These are a two of the children who were jump roping.
They then came with me to our car and gave me a serious Spanish lesson.
They helped me count and say the days of the week and corrected my pronunciation,
We counted out how old I was.  They counted and counted to 
double check they heard me correctly. :)
I showed them pictures of our children and grandchildren,
and the snow in Alaska.  They were adorable and waved
and waved goodbye.  

a few pictures of our ride there and back

through President's window