The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Our health tour part 1

We have just completed our health mission tour with our 
mission doctor and his wife Elder and Sister Stevens.
It has been a wonderful week!
We traveled to each of our areas in Guzman, Colima, 
Manzanillo, Vallarta, Tepic, Santiago, and Guadalajara.

We toured hospitals in each area and Elder Stevens 
 met with doctors and administrators,
checking their willingness to care for our missionaries
when they are ill, and if they were willing to accept our church
 insurance, and to assess what specialists were available.

 Elder Steven's checked each hospital and
facility we already are currently using, assuring
that they were clean and up to standard. In some cities, 
he was able to procure additional facilities.
It was a very successful and positive week.

  Additionally, we had the nine zones come together
 into 3 main areas for Elder Stevens health presentation.
We had Guzman, Colima, and Manzanillo meet together,
then Vallarta and Tepic and Santiago meet together,
and finally, the 3 zones in Guadalajara met together.

Doctor Steven's presentation was excellent.  
He talked about the 10 commandments of good health.

At the conclusion, we split and the elders stayed with he
and President Clayton and Sister Stevens and I went with the 
sisters to talk about their health questions and concerns.

Finally, Elder (doctor) Stevens saw every Elder and Sister who
had health concerns and wanted or needed to visit with him.
He was wonderful!!

Here is a darling video clip he showed on drinking plenty of water each day

Just a few pictures as our groups were heading back to their areas 

oh my word, we love them all so much!

Here President and I are with Elder and Sister Stevens

Elder Barringer and Elder Enriquez as we dropped the
Assistants off to work with them for the evening after
our health meeting in Manzanillo

Sister Stevens couldn't resist this adorable little girl. 

Such a precious mother and baby.  
This family is getting baptized in the coming weeks

more of our missionaries returning to their areas

I loved seeing them all packed in safe and sound

us with Elder and Sister Stevens again

Taking the Zone Leaders Elder Patrick and Elder Sanchez
 back to their apartment after our meeting

President giving their neighborhood dog a bit of his sandwich

Our Assistants left to run an errand at the end of our health meeting.
While we were waiting to meet up with them, we
 had taken Elder Patrick and Elder Sanchez home.  We 
met them by chance, in a taxi in the lane next to us at a stop light
coming to meet back up with us.. crazy!

Elder Stevens giving his presentation