The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Follow up Training

We had a wonderful day today with our Follow up Training.
These missionaries arrived 4 weeks ago, and it was our
privileged to touch base with them today, along with
their fabulous trainers and see how things are coming along.
We are so proud of each of them!
They are all giving their best efforts. They are
following the Mission 12 week program.
They are learning much, their testimonies are deepening, 
and they are acclimating to missionary life.

President took the new missionaries into the chapel to visit with 
them, and I kept the trainers in the cultural hall to see how
they thought things were going.
bien, bien, bien

The assistants played  a game checking the missionary's
knowledge of what they've been learning.  How
we ask for referrals.  These are specific questions they ask
 each and every time they meet with investigators, members,
less actives, and others they meet throughout the day.

The game....who had the concepts memorized? And could 
say them rapidly as the ball was tossed to them.

This round, Sister Flores was quick and Elder Rider got stumped

these 3 Elders were doing a quick review 

Elder Mickelson is timing them

          In the end, Sister Flores won against all these Elders!
Good for you Sister Flores

Here is President's object lesson.
Could Elder Gabriel stretch and  reach that eraser on the ground by himself?
They are strategizing.  

He called Elder Vaifanua to help him, and then Elder Martinez

They held him and he stretched

and stretched

and stretched

and reached with the help of other strong arms

and scooted the eraser over the line

good job and thanks

We all need help.  We need support.  We need to stretch.
We need to stay on the line, and ask for help.
We can reach our goal, with help.

Here we all are, holding our Books of Mormon
our most powerful tool 

The tool we have been given as missionaries, that is of most worth 
and value, the most convincing and deliberate, is the Book of Mormon.

Our challenge this upcoming week is to carry the 
Book of Mormon in our hands all day, each day.
To teach with more power, and to show case it in all we do.

We took this picture out by the Temple, but it was so bright and sunny.. 
we are all squinting... but here we are!