The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Our health tour with Elder and Sister Stevens part 2

We have had a wonderful week traveling our mission with our 
mission doctor and his wife, Elder and Sister Stevens.

Our Mexico Guadalajara Mission is filled with majestic ocean scenes, 
gorgeous mountains, vast and varied countryside, and wide open fields.

There are also sad and desperate places where people are
working so very hard to just scratch out an existence.

But I will be quick to add that without exception, 
everywhere we go and everyone we meet is friendly,
happy, and so willing to help.
As we have traveled, we have stopped countless times :)
to ask directions, and time and time again, these good folks
are up and so willing to point us in the right direction
and get us on our way.

As we are learning more of our mission, we continue to stop 
along our way, as we drive into cities, towns, pueblos, and neighborhoods.
We hop out and visit with people, we roll our windows down to say hello
and we wave as we drive slowly by, trying to take it all in.
We are tying to talk to everyone we meet.  
We are trying to open our mouths and be good examples.
We love the beauty and diversity that we are experiencing.
We love our mission!

Here are some of the places we have visited this week

President and I overlooking Manzanillo

Here are some of the beautiful views in Manzanillo

We came upon this truck heavily loaded in Colima

let's just take a closer look at those lawn chairs piled up high :)

In Manzanillo we saw this couple selling juice from the back of their pick up truck.
 Bless their hearts, notice the Flinstones sheet covering on top.

a church in the plaza in Manzanillo 

I loved seeing this young man mending his net on his boat


I loved seeing this little preschool in Manzanillo
It looked like it was time for mothers to come and
pick up their children 

ok... in Puerto Vallarta, Sister Stevens and I watched this guy
 on the fence for quite a while.  He would lean way over and take of bite 
of those orange flowers and then bask in the sun again.

a few side roads in Manzanillo 

Ok, this is the sweetest picture.  I caught this little boy standing outside his home.  His mom was right inside the door.  This pictures tells such a story.  I fell in love with him the moment I saw him standing there.

this is my favorite picture.  He is so precious.

This little boy waited on the motorcycle while his mom was 
in the corner store,  She dashed out, and hopped on,
 put on her helmet and they were off.

looking down a street in Santiago

Another church in Santiago


This mom was getting fish ready for dinner


more laundry

ok, these kids are playing on some rebar on their front porch.
This little boy was bouncing and bouncing on it.

I am always so taken with all of the laundry 
out drying in the hot, hot air.
It represents so. much. work. 

I love the little bike right. there.

still in Tepic

Coming out of Tepic, we passed these girls crossing the overpass.
Isn't this the funniest picture ever!  She's looking at me like she is 
saying, can I help you???

she's on her way...

the cobblestone streets in Santiago

do you see him balancing that box on his head?

we see bikes with baskets full of this and that all the time

another thing we see all the time

ok, another thing we see all the time...
 and it pulls at our heartstrings each time

watermelons for sale

another cobblestone street

Seriously, we see this all the time.  There are so many
brooms for sale everywhere.  They are well used.